Accounting services for foreigners


Professional accounting services for foreigners

AM Salvia Accounting Office specializes in providing accounting services for foreigners operating in Poland. Our experienced team of accounting experts and lawyers provides comprehensive accounting, tax and billing support to foreign clients who do business in Poland. Our goal is to enable foreigners to focus on running their business, eliminating all barriers related to local regulations and accounting procedures.

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Our services

Comprehensive accounting services:

  • Setting up and maintaining comprehensive accounting services for a foreign company in Poland in accordance with local accounting regulations.
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns and financial reports within the required timeframe.
  • Monitoring and recording financial transactions, settling invoices and accounting documents.

Tax advice for foreigners:

  • Providing comprehensive tax advice regarding the specifics of operating in Poland.
  • Assisting with tax returns, tax optimization and identifying tax benefits available to foreigners.
  • Representation before the tax authorities.

Handling paperwork and registration:

  • Assistance in the process of registering a foreign company in Poland, obtaining NIP and REGON numbers.
  • Assistance with documents and procedures required to do business in Poland.


Of cooperating with AM Salvia Accounting Office

Our client, a foreign company, decided to open a branch in Poland. They used the services of AM Salvia Accounting Office to provide professional accounting services for foreigners. The cooperation included:

Comprehensive accounting services:

Our team set up and maintained the comprehensive accounting system for the company’s subsidiary in Poland. We were responsible for recording financial transactions, preparing tax returns and financial reports in accordance with Polish accounting regulations. As a result, the company had full control of its finances and all accounting tasks were carried out in accordance with local requirements.

Tax advice for foreigners:

Our team provided the company with comprehensive tax advice, taking into account the specifics of the foreign company’s operations in Poland. We assisted with tax settlements, identified tax benefits, and optimized taxes, enabling the company to maximize its income and minimize tax risks.

Handling paperwork and registration:

We assisted the company with registering its subsidiary in Poland. This included obtaining the necessary identification numbers (NIP, REGON) and completing and submitting the required documents. As a result, the company was able to commence operations in Poland in compliance with local regulations and procedures.


Of AM SALVIA Accounting Office work

The cooperation between AM Salvia Accounting Office and this client has resulted in a number of benefits:

  • Regulatory compliance: The company was confident that all of its accounting and tax activities complied with Polish regulations, eliminating the risk of possible legal consequences.
  • Professional advice: Our team provided the company with high-quality tax advice, enabling them to maximize tax benefits and manage tax liabilities effectively.
  • Focusing on business operations: AM Salvia Accounting Office provides comprehensive accounting and tax services, allowing companies to focus on their core business without the burden of managing complex financial matters.

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides professional accounting services for foreigners, including support in accounting, taxation, and paperwork. Contact us today to join our group of satisfied clients who benefit from our experience and expertise in accounting for foreigners.

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