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Professional tax and financial advisory services

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides high-quality tax and financial consulting services to entrepreneurs and companies. Our experienced team of tax and financial experts offers comprehensive support to help clients optimize their taxes, manage their finances, and achieve financial stability. We use our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of tax and financial regulations to help our clients make informed decisions, minimize risks, and achieve long-term financial success.

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Our services include

Tax optimization:

  • Analysis of the client’s tax situation and identification of opportunities for tax optimization.
  • Providing guidance on utilizing legal tax strategies to minimize tax burden.
  • Preparation of tax returns and monitoring of tax payment deadlines.
  • Assistance with resolving disputes and negotiating with tax authorities.

Financial planning:

  • Preparation of a thorough financial plan that considers the client’s objectives, current and future financial requirements, and risks.
  • Analysis of the client’s profitability, liquidity and financial stability.
  • Advice on investments, asset management and long-term financial strategy.
  • Monitoring financial performance and providing reports to enable the client to assess their financial situation on an ongoing basis.

Succession and inheritance planning:

  • Assistance with developing a succession plan for the business and transferring assets in the event of inheritance.
  • Advice on minimizing tax burden when structuring inheritance.
  • Planning for the transfer of assets, including real estate, shares and financial assets.
  • Collaborating with lawyers and notaries to effectively implement the succession plan.


Of cooperating with AM Salvia Accounting Office

Our client was an innovative IT services company focused on tax optimization and effective financial management. AM Salvia Accounting Office was hired to provide comprehensive tax and financial consulting. The cooperation included the following aspects:

Tax optimization

Our team analyzed the company’s tax situation and identified areas for tax optimization. We developed an action plan that included legal tax instruments to reduce the company’s tax burden. As a result, the company maximized profits and effectively managed tax aspects of its business.

Financial management

We assisted the company in managing its finances by providing ongoing analysis of profitability, liquidity, and financial stability. Additionally, we prepared a detailed financial plan that considered the company’s goals and needs. This allowed the company to make informed investment decisions, plan expenses, and monitor its financial condition.

Planowanie sukcesji

We created a succession plan that considered the company’s distinct requirements and objectives. We collaborated with attorneys and notaries to accurately outline the succession framework and reduce the tax implications related to asset transfer. The succession plan was customized to the company’s and its owners’ specific needs, guaranteeing a seamless transition in the event of ownership changes.


Of AM Salvia Accounting Office work

The cooperation between AM Salvia Accounting Office and this client has resulted in a number of benefits:

  • Tax optimization: Our tax advice helped the company reduce its tax burden, increasing its net profits significantly.
  • Efficient financial management: The financial plan created by our office has aided the company in efficiently managing its finances, ensuring liquidity and stability in its operations.
  • Safe succession planning: The company was informed that its succession plan was appropriately prepared and complied with applicable regulations, minimizing risk and ensuring a smooth transition.

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides top-notch tax and financial consulting services to assist entrepreneurs in achieving success and expanding their businesses. Our team of experienced tax and financial experts is prepared to offer the utmost level of service, tailored to the unique needs and objectives of our clients.

If your business requires professional tax and financial advice, AM Salvia Accounting Office is available to assist you. Please contact us today and become one of our satisfied clients who achieve success with our support and expertise.

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