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Professional auditing, analyses and controlling

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides comprehensive auditing, financial analysis, and controlling services for companies and businesses. Our team of highly qualified accounting and auditing experts offers accurate and reliable auditing, analyses financial data, and provides the information and tools necessary for effective financial management and strategic decision-making. Our auditing, analysis, and controlling services provide companies with complete financial control, leading to improved business results.


Our services

Auditing of financial statements:

  • Performing thorough audits of financial statements to ensure compliance with relevant accounting standards and laws.
  • Risk assessment and identification of areas requiring improvement.
  • Requesting and providing recommendations to enhance the efficiency and transparency of accounting processes.

Financial analyses:

  • A comprehensive examination of financial statements and ratios is conducted to evaluate the financial well-being and performance of the company.
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, trends, and potential areas for improvement.
  • Preparing detailed reports and interpreting analysis results to make informed business decisions.


  • Development and implementation of controlling systems and procedures to monitor and manage the company’s finances and operations.
  • Developing financial models and forecasts to assess the profitability of investment projects.
  • Monitoring budgets, tracking costs and revenues, and identifying any deviations from the plan.


Of cooperating with AM Salvia Accounting Office

Our client, operating in the manufacturing sector, decided to use the auditing, financial analysis and controlling services provided by AM Salvia Accounting Office. The cooperation included:

Auditing of financial statements

Our team conducted a comprehensive audit of the company’s financial statements to ensure compliance with accounting standards and legal regulations. We provided the company with reliable and objective information on its financial condition and the efficiency of its accounting processes. This enabled the company to optimize its financial operations and strengthen its position in the market.

Financial analyses

We analyzed the company’s financial statements to evaluate its profitability, liquidity, and business efficiency. Our conclusions and recommendations helped the company identify areas for improvement and strategic directions for development. Our reports and interpretations of financial data allowed the company’s management to make informed business decisions.


Together with the company, we developed a controlling system that enabled close monitoring of its finances and operations. We built financial models and forecasting tools that allowed the company to plan budgets, assess project profitability, and manage costs and revenues effectively. By implementing effective controlling, the company was able to track and respond to market changes, maintaining control over its finances.


Of AM SALVIA Accounting Office work

The cooperation between AM Salvia Accounting Office and this company has resulted in a number of benefits:

  • Full regulatory compliance: Our audit of financial statements ensures that the company’s financial reports comply with applicable accounting standards and laws.
  • Knowledge and recommendations: Our financial analyses have provided the company with a comprehensive understanding of its financial condition and specific areas for improvement. The recommendations we provided helped the company take effective action and achieve better financial results.
  • Effective management: The implementation of the control system allowed the company to closely monitor finances, manage costs, and plan strategically. This enabled the company to make informed business decisions and achieve long-term financial stability.

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides professional auditing, financial analysis, and controlling services to help companies improve efficiency, control, and achieve better financial results. Our team of accounting and auditing experts has extensive experience and knowledge, enabling us to deliver the highest level of service. Cooperation with AM Salvia Accounting Office offers professional support in auditing, financial analysis, and controlling. This support translates into improved financial management, identification of areas for improvement, and informed business decisions.

If your company requires comprehensive auditing, financial analysis, and controlling services, AM Salvia Accounting Office is prepared to offer professional solutions. Contact us today and become one of our satisfied clients who achieve success with our support and expertise.

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