Incorporation of companies in Poland and the UK


Professional incorporation of companies
in Poland and the United Kingdom

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides comprehensive support for entrepreneurs planning to start a business in Poland and the UK by offering company incorporation services. Our legal expertise and experience enable us to provide effective advice and carry out the process of company registration in compliance with applicable regulations.

Pomoc przy zakładaniu spółek w Polsce i UK


Our services include

Incorporation of companies in Poland:

  • Advice on selecting the most suitable legal structure for your business.
  • Preparation of all required registration documents.
  • Cooperating with courts and authorities to carry out the registration process.
  • Assisting in drafting contracts and documents related to the company’s operations.

Incorporation of companies in the UK:

  • Advice on selecting the most suitable legal structure for your business.
  • Preparation of registration documentation, including the memorandum and articles of association.
  • Cooperating with Companies House and other institutions to register the company.
  • Assisting with the preparation of contracts and documents required for the company’s operations.

Tax and financial advisory services:

  • Assisting in analyzing and understanding the laws and taxes for setting up companies in Poland and the UK.
  • Providing advice on legal and tax matters related to conducting business in both countries.
  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations and minimizing legal and tax risks.


That distinguish AM Salvia

Individual approach

We analyze the unique needs and business goals of each client individually. This enables us to customize our company incorporation services to meet your specific requirements and expectations.

Full support for the registration process

Our team of experienced lawyers and accountants handles the complex process of company registration. We advise on the choice of legal structure, prepare documents, and complete formalities with relevant institutions. This allows clients to focus on developing their business, confident that the process of incorporating a company is conducted professionally and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Up-to-date knowledge of legal and tax matters

Our team stays up-to-date with changes in laws and taxes in Poland and the UK, enabling us to provide our clients with precise advice that aligns with the latest regulations, which is crucial for company incorporation.

Transparency and trust

At AM Salvia Accounting Office, we are dedicated to being transparent and honest in our relationships with our clients. We provide clear information about our company incorporation costs and processes to ensure that our clients have full control over their investments and know what to expect.


Of cooperating with AM Salvia Accounting Office

Our client is a Polish IT company that planned to expand into the UK market. Prior to working with AM Salvia Accounting Office, the company had concerns and questions about setting up a UK company and complying with local regulations.

Professional advice on the choice of legal structure

Our team of lawyers analyzed the company’s business and advised on the best legal and tax structure for its expansion into the UK market. This helped the company avoid complications and optimize its UK configuration.

Effective company incorporation in the UK

AM Salvia Accounting Office organized and executed the entire process of registering the company in the UK, including preparing and submitting the necessary documents to Companies House. Consequently, the company was able to commence operations promptly in the British market without any unnecessary delays.

Compliance with local laws and regulations

Our team was responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all legal and tax requirements in the UK. We provided comprehensive assistance in bringing the company’s documentation into compliance with local requirements. This included preparing memorandums, articles of association, and contracts necessary for the business. The company was able to ensure compliance with local regulations and minimize the risk of legal and tax consequences.

Tax and financial advisory services

AM Salvia Accounting Office provided support on tax and financial issues related to the company’s expansion into the UK market. Our team of tax experts offered optimal tax solutions, minimizing the company’s tax burden and ensuring liquidity.


Of AM SALVIA Accounting Office work

Working with AM Salvia Accounting Office has led to significant success in the UK market for the company. The benefits experienced by the company include:

  • Increased turnover and profits: Thanks to the company’s streamlined registration process and adherence to local regulations, it was able to concentrate on expanding its business in the UK market. This has led to an increase in turnover and higher profits.
  • Expansion of client base: Expanding the company’s operations to the UK has created new business opportunities and enabled the acquisition of new clients. AM Salvia Accounting Office assisted in analyzing the market and defining a marketing strategy, which helped to effectively acquire new clients.
  • Confidence and peace of mind: The company was assured that its UK company registration process would be handled professionally and in accordance with applicable regulations. This translated into the confidence of clients and business partners, as well as peace of mind for the board to focus on growing the business.

AM Salvia Accounting Office provides comprehensive company incorporation services in Poland and the UK. We offer professional advice, effective company registration, and support in legal, tax, and financial matters. Contact us today to start the process of incorporating your company and benefit from the professional support of our team.

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