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AM Salvia Accounting Office provides comprehensive business support that extends beyond traditional accounting services. Our offer includes a range of additional services that support the growth and efficiency of our clients’ businesses. We utilize state-of-the-art technological solutions, which allows us to provide fast and efficient service, tailored to the individual needs of each client.


Our services

HR and payroll services

We offer HR and payroll services, including maintaining employee personnel files, drafting employment contracts, managing salaries, and keeping records of vacations. Our HR and payroll support allows clients to focus on strategic business activities, knowing that HR matters are handled professionally and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Applying for grants

We help our clients obtain grants and European funds to develop their business. We analyze available support programs, prepare applications and documentation, and advise on the negotiation process. Our experience and knowledge in obtaining grants increase our clients’ chances of receiving funding for business development.

Virtual office service

Our virtual office service offers clients a prestigious business address, mail and phone services, and conference room rentals. This enhances our clients’ credibility and professional image, even if they do not have a physical office. Our virtual office services are flexible and customized to meet individual client needs. Our network of reliable partners enables us to provide various appealing registration addresses and customize the range of services to create hybrid solutions that meet our clients’ specific expectations.

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Cooperating with AM SALVIA

Brings a number of benefits

Full business support

We offer comprehensive support in HR and payroll, obtaining grants, and virtual office services. Our clients can benefit from a wide range of business services in one place.

Use of modern technological solutions

By utilizing the latest technology, we offer our clients fast and efficient service. Our advanced systems and software enable us to effectively manage business processes, optimize operations, and provide ongoing access to data and information. Our technological solutions ensure client comfort, efficiency, and data security.


Of cooperating with AM Salvia Accounting Office

Our client is a international company operating in Poland that has chosen to utilize the hybrid virtual office service provided by AM Salvia Accounting Office. Through our partnership, the company has gained:

Registration address and virtual reception

We have prepared a prestigious and conveniently located registration address in Warsaw, which was used to officially register the company in Poland. In addition, we provided a virtual reception service for the company. Our qualified staff handles the phones, answers correspondence, and provides basic information to clients, acting as the first line of communication.

Use of office space

The company also had the option of using office space in the same location where the company was registered, for day-to-day needs only. For client meetings or temporary work needs, the company could use our office space. We offered equipped offices, conference rooms and access to office infrastructure such as internet, printers and fax. This gave our client the flexibility and comfort of conducting business meetings and project work.


Of AM SALVIA Accounting Office work

The implementation of a hybrid virtual office service by AM Salvia Accounting Office has brought a number of benefits to the company:

  • Professional image: By having an attractive registration address and virtual reception service, the company gained prestige and credibility in the eyes of its clients and business partners. External telephone answering and mail handling had a positive impact on the company’s image.
  • Convenience and flexibility: The company had flexibility in the use of office space, allowing it to meet with clients or conduct temporary work at a convenient location. Access to office infrastructure such as the Internet and printers ensured comfortable working conditions.
  • Cost reduction: By choosing a hybrid virtual office service, the company avoided the need to rent a separate office and incur related costs, such as rent, maintenance and office equipment. As a result, the company was able to save funds that could be used to expand its core business activities.
  • Professional support: The virtual reception service provided by AM Salvia Accounting Office provided the company with professional support in the area of telephone service and correspondence. Our experienced staff answered calls on behalf of the company, redirected information, and provided basic information, creating an impression of professionalism and commitment.

With the implementation of a hybrid virtual office service by AM Salvia Accounting Office, the company not only gained a professional image and flexibility, but also achieved cost efficiency, focused on its core business, whilst having access to convenient office space in the event of the need for client meetings or temporary work. Our virtual office services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, providing them with comprehensive business support and enhancing their success in the market.

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